SUSSED supports and promotes Fairtrade

SUSSED supports and promotes Fairtrade

Fairtrade products from around the world

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Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

  • A fair and secure price to the producer

  • No child labour

  • Safe working conditions

  • Protection for the environment

  • Rights for women

  • A social premium

The number of ethical labels is growing, but Fairtrade remains unique. While other schemes aim to ‘protect the environment’ or ‘enable companies to trace their coffee’, Fairtrade’s focus is to support farmers and workers to improve the quality of their lives and take more control over their futures. 

Fairtrade is the only certification scheme whose purpose is to tackle poverty (through the Fairtrade price and premium) and empower farmers and workers in developing countries to take a more active role in global supply chains. Fairtrade delivers unique benefits to producers, businesses and consumers. At an international level, it is part owned by farmers and workers, who sit on the Board and participate in decision making.

  • Over the past 10 years, the typical price of a banana in the UK has nearly halved, whilst the cost of production has doubled. Find out how to get involved to fight the unfairness.

  • People in the UK drank 2 billion cups of Fairtrade coffee, ate 1.3 billion bananas and drank 3.2 billion cups of tea in 2012!

  • Britain leads the world on Fairtrade. The Fairtrade system currently works with 1.24 million people - farmers and workers - across more than 66 developing countries

  • 78% of people in the UK say that recognise the FAIRTRADE Mark (source: TNS 2012) The FAIRTRADE Mark is the world’s most recognized ethical label, according Globescan research conducted our behalf in 2011.

  • 80% of people say it is important to them that companies contribute to poverty reduction and community development, according to Globescan researchconducted our behalf in 2011

  • Fairtrade accounts for 10% of all tea sold in the UK , just over 27% of all roast and ground retail coffee is Fairtrade certified and 12% of chocolate confectionery sold in the UK is Fairtrade certified. In the Hot Chocolate category, over 70% of sales are Fairtrade certified.

  • Globally, Fairtrade producers received a total of approx 53 million GBP as additional Fairtrade Premium in 2010-11

Find out more about Fairtrade and visit the Fairtrade Foundation UK website.

Fairtrade 2018 campaign

Fairtrade 2018 campaign