for people ~ for planet Caredig i bobl ~ caredig i'r blaned

An Ethical & Fairtrade Emporium!

A fabulous & ethical Cornucopia of gifts, clothes, bags, accessories, beautiful and unique furniture, household items, books and delicious fairtrade and organic foods.

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 SUSSED is a fair trade community run shop in Porthcawl, South Wales, founded by the charity Sustainable Wales.

We are looking for volunteers to help in the store - mornings or afternoons. Training is given and volunteer discounts operate! Please call in and ask or contact us on 01656 783962.

Siop gymunedol masnach deg ym Mhorthcawl, De Cymru, yw SUSSED, a sefydlwyd gan yr elusen Cymru Gynaliadwy.

Rydym yn chwilio am wirfoddolwyr i helpu yn y siop – a hynny yn y bore neu'r prynhawn. Bydd hyfforddiant yn cael ei ddarparu, yn ogystal â disgowntiau ar gyfer gwirfoddolwyr! Galwch heibio, neu ffoniwch ni ar 01656 783962.

Power of the Purse! Shopping at SUSSED shows you are committed to reducing climate change, inequality and supporting local jobs

Pŵer y pwrs! Mae siopa yn SUSSED yn golygu eich bod wedi ymrwymo i leihau newid yn yr hinsawdd anghydraddoldeb, a thlodi byd-eang, a’ch bod yn cefnogi swydd

What's happening at SUSSED?

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Short film showing the difference fairtrade can make, even if it's only the little things at first. Made in conjunction with our youngest volunteers at SUSSED. Filming and Editing- Park6Productions Funding- BAVO (Bridgend Association Voluntary Organisations) and Sustainable Wales.