Locally made honey from Tygethston Walled Garden and beeswax products from Bee-fruitful, Chutneys, fairtrade Divine Chocolate. Suma Wholefoods are delicious, ethical and organic.

We stock world and local foods, various ingredients for baking and a wide range of organic spices - less common items can be ordered for you, please just ask! Large bags of various types of Suma rice can be ordered to save you money are also available on order.

We work with some great organisations - here’s some interesting background about our main foods supplier the co-operative Suma Wholefoods:

“Imagine a workplace with no bosses, where everyone has equal pay and an equal say.

Suma Wholefoods

Suma Wholefoods

Well here at Suma we’ve been doing things a bit differently for over 40 years. Not only in our mission to supply everything vegetarian and sustainable, but also in how we are run.

A co-operative of ordinary people built on integrity and equality, we’re a worker co-op, a business owned and run by the nearly 200 people who work here. We don’t have any bosses or shareholders. We, Suma’s employees, set the direction of the business. Everyone has an equal say in what we do. We all get paid the same wage, take responsibility and each do a range of jobs each week, from truck driving to cooking to accounts.

It means that when you meet someone who works at Suma, you’re meeting a co-owner who knows and cares about the business. Your driver might work in accounts and product development when she’s not out on the road, so she can give you the bigger picture.

As a co-op we are more than the sum of our parts. When we come together we create something amazing.”

From: https://www.suma.coop/about/our-co-op/

Suma recipes!